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Reykjavik Reiki Nordic Experience

Receive the healing benefits from both Energywork and Massage

  • 2 hours
  • 240 US dollars
  • The Nordic Mermaid

Service Description

A total Scandinavian experience! In your 2-hour service: You enjoy 1 hour of energy and bodywork and the remainder will be in the sauna and cold plunge room. Also includes: complimentary Fika Bar-coffee/tea/Icelandic water, shower, and sauna linens! Bring your bathing suit, sandals and robe. De-stress on the massage table with calming energy protocols that include relaxing Reiki, grounding Earthing mat and restorative sound healing. A gentle-touch treatment offered with an intention of helping you to unwind. Also receive massage bodywork customized to your needs. The 3 in 1 Multi-spectrum mPulse Infrared Sauna, patented by Sunlighten, utilizes Far, Mid and Near Infrared waves in its programs. Choose 1 of 6 treatment options: Detox, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Cardio, Anti-Aging and Relaxation. Enjoy private time in your own room with resting area for cooling down after or during your sauna. Due to safety protocols, a trained professional will advise you on the safe use of the cold plunge tank. Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow for instruction. Previous cold plunge, cold shower or cold immersion experience is helpful. The Renu Therapy Cold tank has a general temperature range between 39 and 59 degrees. During the summer, we have the tank set at app. 46 degrees except on 'Fjord Sundays' when the tank is lowered to app. 44-47 degrees. Cold therapy can be helpful for inflammation, performance, and immunity. The Renu Therapy Cold tank's magnetic drive water pump moves 20 gallons of water each minute and uses a 4-part filtering system: Ozonator: ozone system decontaminants the water with Plasma Gap technology and Corona Discharge technology Filters: Certified Renu filters remove bacteria and chemicals Surface Dirt and Oil Remover Buoy: plant-based buoy, removes oils, grease, dirt, foams, body aromas Spa Sanitizer Mineral Stick: destroys bacteria & algae with silver ions, less skin irritation than chlorine. Thanks for your enthusiasm and understanding!

Contact Details

  • 24 Airport Road, West Tisbury, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568, USA

    (774) 220-9220

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