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Rock Balancing

Our Therapies
Enjoy the Only Nordic Spa on the Island

Our therapists offer a range of services in our hygge (Nordic coziness), retreat-style wellness center or upon request, at your preferred mobile location.  We are proud to introduce personalized spauna (massage + sauna) treatments. Providing a traditional Finnish sauna outdoors in the Nordic Sauna Garden, a Sunlighten Infrared sauna and Renu Therapy cold plunge tank in the Finnish lakeside spa suite, as well as classic and innovative massages in our Swedish inspired treatment room. Customize your personal visit or plan a gathering for a special couple, girls' getaways, office, team or other group get-together.  From traditional table massage to bachelorette party chair massages to individual or small group sauna gatherings. Take the plunge into a new MV island experience, and feel the stress melt away.

Saunas, cold therapy, mineral stones, Scandinavian inspired essential oils, Finnish bath and sauna products, dry brushing, breath-work, and thermo-therapeutic treatments, are all available to enhance your Nordic wellness experience. Explore some of our offerings below but for complete menu offerings and pricing, click below.

Pool Water Fountain

Cold Plunge and Saunas

Islands' Best Kept Secret - Indulge

This Thermotherapy experience takes you into the heart and soul of Nordic practices.

Enjoy the Renu Cold Plunge tank and the Sunlighten Infrared Sauna in our Finnish Lakeside inspired spa suite.

Or forest bathe like a true Scandinavian under the forest canopy in our outdoor sauna garden, where you enjoy authentic "löyly", with the hiss of the water steaming off the rocks atop the Harvia Finnish stove inside the Almost Heaven barrel sauna. Revive your senses with the clean island air, Icelandic or Voss bottled water and try something new - an invigorating cold rinse!

Not going to Iceland, Copenhagen or Finland this season? No worries! The Nordic Mermaid  has brought Scandinavian wellness practices to you!

Visit as often as you like!

Upgrade by adding the Swedish Lagom Massage and create the ultimate island spa experience:  Spauna!


Face Massage

Swedish Lagom Massage: Balance

A Classic Swedish Massage

Lagom ("lah-gom") - Balance (Sweden)

This classic Swedish massage is meant to calm and balance the nervous system. The five basic Swedish massage techniques (applied with your desired amount of pressure) include: gliding, kneading, circular and transverse strokes, tapping and gentle shaking.

Known to be the foundation for many of todays modalities, it is designed to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and induce relaxation.

Ask about customizing your treatment with Himilayan mineral stones, body buffing or CBD oil.

Find out about our Finnish bath and sauna products to take with you to relive the experience in the comfort of your own home.


Massage Services
Pouring Massage Oil

Aroma-Borealis Massage

Essential oils and Sound therapy

In the spirit of the Northern Lights (Iceland)

A rare opportunity to receive a personalized massage using a variety of organic massage oils, in the raindrop technique from Young Living's: Gary Young derived from methods used in energy work for centuries as well as from scientific research on the benefits from essential oils. This unique treatment calms your nervous system allowing you to achieve a better sense of balance in mind, body, and spirit, drifting away as if under the magnetism of the Aurora Borealis  .


The Raindrop Collection includes: 7 essential oils, 2 essential blends,  and massage oils. In this treatment the oils are applied on the back and the feet.

*Please inform your therapist of allergy concerns.

Outdoor Spa

Nordic Sampler

Fika Massage: Take a Break

Fika ("Fee-ka"): Relax (Sweden)

Take a break and rejuvenate! 

This sampler allows you to choose how you would like to use your time as you treat yourself to a thermo-therapeutic Scandinavian style spa visit. 

  • a taste of personalized bodywork on the massage chair

  • a sampling of our rejuvenating Sunlighten Infrared sauna,  and

  • a refreshing dip into our Renu Therapy cold plunge tank

Make time for an essential pause in your day, when you need to slow down and savor the moment!

Come and Fika with us!

Image by Estonian Saunas

The Nordic Experience - With Massage

Finnish or Sunlighten Infrared Saunas

Step into our elegant saunas! Not only is the sauna a staple in Nordic wellness, it's known in Western medicine for its ability to reduce risks related to heart health, stroke, inflammation, and dementia, as well as its ability to decrease muscle soreness, reduce stress, increase detoxification, and a sense of wellbeing. All of our sauna sessions include our elegant sauna room with Nordic nature décor, or our outdoor Sauna Garden, lounging chairs, essential oils, optional dry brushing and rinsing stations, Icelandic or Voss water,  and sauna linens.

Choose from the traditional Finnish steam sauna or our Sunlighten 3-in-1 full spectrum infrared sauna. Enjoy an unparalleled experience by adding a dip into our Renu Therapy cold plunge tank.

Your Nordic journey begins in the sauna and cold plunge suite. Once bathed in relaxation, your wellness revolution continues with a full 1-hour bodywork session of your choice from our menu.

Bring your swimsuit and beach towel.

Choose from:

  • Swedish Lagom

  • Aroma-Borealis

  • Hygge Danish Duo (couples)

  • Copenhagen Combo for 2

  • Reykjavik Reiki

  • Frilutsliv Foot Care

  • Thor's Therapeutic


"Sail & Spa"

The Vineyard's Newest Indulgence

The ultimate stress management and wellness experience! Enjoy luxurious spa treatments with The Nordic Mermaids followed by a 2-hour sunset sail with our friends at Sail The Vineyard.  Perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, girls' weekends or a romantic marriage proposals.

Martha's Vineyard has a rich sailing history and there's no better way to experience the Vineyard. Enjoy views of the stunning coastline from a top-rated local business with first-class service.  Pamper yourself with one-hour couples massages for you and your special someone, or 30-minute chair massages for you and your girlfriends, bridal party or birthday buddies.

Sail & Spa includes several upgraded add-ons only available with our packages.  In addition to special pricing, you'll enjoy concierge pick-up and drop off dock service, a complimentary bottle of champagne during your sail, and a small gift for each guest from Sail The Vineyard, as well as waived travel & after-hours fees, refreshments before or after your treatments, and a small gift from The Nordic Mermaids.

Sail & Spauna
Nordic Packages

Niksen Massage: Reset

The Nordic Mermaid's Signature Massage

Niksen ("neek-sa") - Reset (Netherlands)

Our Niksen Massage, also known as the Stress-Less Massage©, was developed by co-owner Deborah Wirzburger. Enter into a deep state of relaxation to quiet your mind, balance your body, and settle your spirit. 

This holistic treatment is a personalized combination of breath-work, CBT, guided imagery, aromatherapy, and bodywork specifically designed to ground you and bring stillness. You leave revived, with skills and strategies to continue your reset. 

Come and experience how relaxation and stress-resiliency can be a component of your lifestyle.

Returning in the fall. But feel free to ask for it.







Outdoor Book Club

Incompass Institute

Classes & Coaching coming in 2022

Join us on an educational journey through a multitude of topics regarding health, wellness and stress reduction. 


With pilot programs beginning and more to come as 2022 unfolds. 


We are your partner on The Vineyard for revitalization and improving your lifestyle. 


A sampling of upcoming courses includes:

  1. Lifeline for the Frontline© - ​​Skills for Stress Reduction and Happier Living

  2. Lifeline for Everyday - Happiness Lifeline Redirect

  3. Essential Oils 101

  4. Usui Reiki

  5. Breathing

  6. Wim Hof Pilot

  7. Meditation - Niksen

  8. Forest Bathing - Frilutsliv

Join our mailing list by subscribing below to receive announcements about upcoming courses, or call us for more information.

COVID Statemet

COVID Statement

As we maneuver through these difficult times, we'd like you to be confident and know that we modified our services to be as safe as we possibly can. We ask that you please not make reservations if you or someone you know has been exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19, or if you have any symptoms related to the virus. If symptoms occur between your reservation and your appointment, please call us to cancel.


What you can expect for your visit:

When you visit us for service, we will wear face masks during treatments. Hand sanitizer is available. Please sanitize your hands upon entering the spa. We offer private sessions by appointment only. We are including time in between appointments to thoroughly clean and sanitize.


We follow CDC guidelines and MA COVID-19 regulations.

Be Safe, The Nordic Mermaid.

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