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OverCOME The Whelm!

 A Virtual Retreat

to help you move forward

Thank you for a successful 1st Virtual Retreat in January 2023!

Please watch for details as to the next one

These Retreats are designed to help reduce the stress built-up inside of you! As practitioners and health coaches, we see people everyday struggling with stress to the point of overwhelm. Where can we find solutions? Let's get back to the basics:

First we breathe,

Then we move our bodies with our breath,

Now we begin to awaken wellness inside.

Tonya Zarlengo and Deb Wirzburger (The Nordic Mermaids LLC), along with Somatic Breathwork Practitioner Jessica Sears (BeBoldLLC), take you on a self-discovery journey to reset your nervous system and regenerate your body, mind and spirit.

Who is this retreat for?

Anyone who wishes to come out from under the Whelm they feel in their life, by trying some new self-care tools designed for today's world.

This is an opportunity to reset your nervous system and connect your soma back to psyche with regenerative mind and bodywork practices.

Does this sound familiar? If so, this retreat is for you:

  1. Do you fear losing control of your life under today's uncertainties?

  2. Do the demands from others leave you no time for self-care?

  3. Do you feel so depleted you don't have enough energy to let in the good?

  4. Do you want a 'lifeline' to help you move through the stress and overwhelm so you can connect to yourself and feel more centered, balanced and clear?

Features of this 7-hour Retreat:

  • ​2 different breathing styles - Somatic Breathwork and an intro to the Wim Hof Method

  • An exploration of what stress and overwhelm are and how they impact the body, mind and spirit

  • Effective tools you can use to reduce stress and overwhelm including: breath, energy, dreams, movement, journalling, and Scandinavian wellness practices such as grounding in nature, meditation and the art of 'doing nothing'

  • An opportunity to share your truth with like-minded people! Plus, meet them again on a What's App group.

By the end of this Retreat you will: 

  1. Understand why we breathe first then move our body with the breath - before we begin our self-care

  2. Understand better what stress is and how it affects your entire self

  3. Be able to use breath in your daily life to enhance your health and reduce the whelm

  4. Be familiar with a few dynamic energy movement practices for after your breath

  5. How to make better lifestyle choices based on Scandinavian wellness practices

  6. Have met and shared your truth with others who want to Over COME The Whelm!


Your Coaches:

  • Tonya Zarlengo and Deborah Wirzburger have worked in the wellness field for about 20 years each. They are the co-owners of The Nordic Mermaid - the only Nordic Spa on Martha's Vineyard. Both are Massage Therapists, Teachers and Wellness Coaches (

    • They are enthusiastic about sharing their comprehensive knowledge and experience on natural and effective ways to increase one's health and potential.

    • Both are enrolled in the Wim Hof Teacher's program and are set to graduate in 2023.

  • Jessica Sears is a passionate teacher of Somatic Release Breathwork. She is also a Wellness Retreat leader and Coach (

Your Schedule

Friday night 6 pm - 9 pm

- Welcome Circle

- Trauma, Breath and Body

- Somatic Release Breathwork

- Nighttime Journaling Prompt

Saturday 9 am - 1 pm

- Breath & Body Wim Hof Fundamentals

- 5 Tibetan Rites - Energetic Rejuvenation

- Scandinavian Nature Meditation

- Journaling Workshop: Trauma Release

- Plus: Tribe Magic, Breakouts & Fun!!!


$297 Regular Price

$228 Early Bird

Student Price - $50

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