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Here Are Some Links We Like

Read articles on our saunas and cold plunge, the benefits of these therapies as examples of Nordic stress management, and visit some of our favorite local business on Martha's Vineyard.

Renu Therapy

Find out more about the many benefits of cold plunging! The maker of our cold plunge tank is Renu Therapy who are dedicated to helping people enhance their health with cold water immersion.

Blue Mind

Blue Mind is the concept that we feel better near, on or under water! That's why we're attracted to Martha's Vinyard! Dr. Wallace J. Nichols takes us into the depths of his 'waterbreaking' concept in his book Blue Mind and on his website. For all water lovers, his work is worth a visit!

Hob Knob

Pamper yourself with luxurious linens, cozy beds, gracious hospitality, modern amenities, charming décor, and a convenient Edgartown location for your overnight accommodation needs. Experience firsthand the leisurely seaside lifestyle that attracts people from all over the world to The Hob Knob at Martha’s Vineyard.


Infrared saunas offer many wellness benefits! The Mermaid proudly offers you the mPulse Sunlighten Sauna which uses Far, Mid and Near waves. Truly unique and very relaxing!

Sail The Vineyard

Intentional time for outdoor activities and community with friends is at the heart of wellness.  Join our friends at Sail the Vineyard as part of your wellness journey.  Experience the magic of the sea on one of three sailing excursions. Breathe in the salt air and find your inner mermaid!  Enjoy snacks or a picnic lunch while under way, listen to the ocean as it swooshes by and feel wind as it fills the sails and carries you away.

Airport Fitness

You'll find The Nordic Mermaid located inside Airport Fitness, a year-round fitness facility on Martha's Vinyard! While we are separate businesses, we both focus passionately on health and wellness! Check out the wide variety of classes, weight rooms, fitness equipment, tennis and pickleball courts, personal training and much more at Airport Fitness.

Almost Heaven Sauna

Almost Heaven Saunas
Health Benefits

The Mermaid's outdoor barrel sauna is made by Almost Heaven Saunas. Made from cedar, and utilizing a traditional sauna heater by Harvia of Finland, this sauna provides a rejuvinating and memorable sauna experience! Learn about some of the benefits gained by regular sauna use from Almost Heaven.

Mermaid News!

On January 4, 2022, The Nordic Mermaid was interviewed by the Martha's Vinyard Times reporter Lucas Thors. Hear a bit more about our "why"!

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