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The ONLY Nordic Spa
on Martha's Vineyard!

Ancient Wisdom Reimagined

                    Scandinavian Center for Stress Management                    
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What is Scandinavian Wellness?
Scandinavians are some of the happiest people on earth because of their ancient, traditional health habits. They know that happiness isn't a location, but rather a state of mind.
When we slow down and nurture ourselves, we create a stronger, healthier, deeper connection with ourselves, others, and our planet. The ancient Scandinavian traditions, supported by modern scientific research, show us that health & happiness is all around if we just learn where to look.
Embrace balance. Prioritize experiences. Take joy in small moments. Breathe.

Niksen (neek-sa)


The Dutch art of purposefully doing nothing or a "short period of mindless relaxation". Allow your mind to wander aimlessly and simply "Be".  
Don't overthink!


Deborah Wirzburger


Therapist Deb Wirzburger has a thirst for knowledge, a Scandinavian ancestry, and a love of the outdoors.  With an extensive career history in the Cape Cod area, her unique therapeutic bodywork techniques embody Hygge - a cornerstone of Danish living that fosters an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance through connection and improved overall well-being.


Deborah is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Yoga Teacher who is certified in Thai, Medical, and Oncology massage as well as Reiki, Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage, and Myofascial Release therapies. She is additionally trained in aromatherapy, breath work, reflexology, acupressure, cupping, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and is a certified Health Coach. She is passionate about creating an atmosphere of acceptance and helping clients rediscover the joy of pain-free living and health through transformative work.

Read more about Deb here.

Tonya Rehder-Zarlengo

Therapist Tonya Rehder-Zarlengo has an immense wanderlust and a strong Scandinavian ancestry.


With a family tree rooted in the Baltic and North Seas and recent visits to the area, she has experienced first-hand the lifestyles and therapies that make Scandinavians some of the happiest people on earth. Her heritage and education represent every aspect of Friluftsliv -  the Norwegian term describing a passion for nature and outdoor living.

“I am dedicated to caring for our planet’s waters and the waters within us as well as Scandinavian lifestyles that lead to a healthier, more joyful existence.  With training in ancient medicine that helps remind us to live in harmony with nature, I am practicing healing the waters in myself, others, and our planet.”

Read more about Tonya here.

Lagom (lah-gom)

A Swedish principle for living a balanced, low-fuss life. 
Appreciating your surroundings, taking time for a break, and achieving optimal amounts of everything around you - work, play, friendships, personal development and space, and relaxation, fosters lagom.




Mailing Address:

PO Box 1092, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

Our Location:

24 Airport Road

West Tisbury, MA 02575

The Nordic Mermaid is an independent business located in the Spa Suite at Airport Fitness, and a gym membership is not required to visit us!

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