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Sauna Culture Reimagined

The Only Nordic Spa

on Martha's Vineyard

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What is Scandinavian Wellness?

Scandinavians are some of the happiest people on earth. Because of their ancient, traditional health habits they know that happiness isn't found in a location, but rather in a state of mind.
When we slow down to nurture ourselves, we create a stronger, healthier, deeper connection, not only with ourselves, but with our loved ones, and our planet. Supported by modern scientific research, we learn that health & happiness is all around us if we simply know where to look.


Embrace balance

Emphasize experience 

Enjoy small moments 


What is a Nordic Spa?

A place to de-stress, unwind, relax and connect with ourselves and nature. Here, wellness and self-care are practiced in a natural and leisurely style. Both mind and body benefit from experiencing the ancient healing principles of the extremes of hot and cold exposure.


Our indoor infrared and outdoor traditional saunas, along with the cold plunge tank, deliver an idyllic Nordic Experience. 

Practicing this ancient Nordic Cycle of heat, cold, rest, rehydrate and repeat is optimally enjoyed in a Nordic Spa.

Image by Alex Bertha

Our Services

We offer a range of services in our Hygge retreat-style spa suite, or upon request, at your preferred mobile location.

Cold Plunge

Nordic Massage


Infrared Sauna

Outdoor Sauna

Wim Hof Classes

Mobile Massages

Private Events


What Clients Say

"Outstanding experience! Enjoyed the sauna and cold plunge. Excellent host"

Peter Phelps


Hygge is a Danish term used to describe a quality of coziness, feeling relaxed and connected.  The contentment of sitting by a warm fireplace with a soft blanket and comfy socks, sipping a warm drink.  Hygge boosts your mood and overall well-being.

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